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? be drawn on a Hong Kong dollar bank account in Hong Kong; ? 以在香開設的元銀行賬戶開出;? show your (or your nominee’s) account name; ? 顯示 閣下(或 閣下代名人)的賬戶名稱;? be made payable to “BANK OF CHINA (HONG KONG) NOMINEES LIMITED ? 註明抬頭人為「中國銀行(香)代理人有限公司-天潤雲公開發售」;
(Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong).

The Company and the Joint Global Coordinators have full discretion to reject any 倘出現差異,本公司及聯席全球協調人有絕對酌情權拒絕任何申請。
Chinese name 中文名稱   HK eIPO White Form Service Provider ID 網上白表服務供應商編號                  
Applicant details of the underlying applicants on whose behalf you are applying must 閣下代其作出申請的相關申請人資料,必須載於連同本申請表格遞交的一個唯讀光碟格
(incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability)
the personal data and in particular, they may disclose, obtain, transfer (whether within or outside Hong Kong) the personal data of the holders of securities to, from or with any and all of the following persons and entities:
? any other persons or institutions with which the holders of securities have or propose ? 證券持有人與其進行或擬進行交易的任何其他人士或機構,如其銀行、律師、會計
containing the CD-ROM, must be submitted to the following receiving bank by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, 下午四時正之前,送達下列收款銀行:
? establishing benefit entitlements of holders of securities of the Company, such as ? 確定本公司證券持有人的受益權利,如股息、供股及紅股等;
Sole Sponsor 獨家保薦人
or into the United States, nor is this application an offer of Shares for sale in the United States. The Offer Shares (「美國證券法」)或美國任何州證券法登記,且不得在美國境內發售、出售、抵押或轉讓,惟根據美國證券法
rejected or in delay or inability of the Company and/or the Hong Kong Branch Share 股份過戶登記分處無法落實證券轉讓或提供服務。此舉亦可能妨礙或延遲登記或轉
    HK$ 元  
the application details contained in the CD-ROM or data file submitted in respect of this 的申請詳細資料相同。
Personal data held by the Company and the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar relating 本公司及香股份過戶登記分處會對證券持有人的個人資料保密,但本公司及其香股

of the Offer Shares will be made in the United States.
3 Complete your payment details in Box 3. 3 在欄3填上 閣下付款的詳細資料。

Number of Hong Kong Offer Shares : 4,353,200 New Shares (subject to reallocation)香發售股份數目 : 4,353,200股新股份(可予重新分配)
nor shall there be any sale of Hong Kong Offer Shares in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sales 屬違法的司法管轄區內,概不得出售任何香發售股份。本申請表格及招股章程不得直接或間接於或向美國
Joint Bookrunners 聯席賬簿管理人
application details of the underlying applicant(s).
? enabling compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in Hong Kong and ? 以遵守香及其他地區的所有適用法律及法規;
and subject to reallocation and the Over-allotment Option)
have not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended from time to time (the 及適用美國州證券法獲豁免登記規定或並非受該等登記規定規限的交易除外。發售股份依據美國證券法S規例

be contained in one data file in read-only CD-ROM format submitted together with this 式資料檔案內。
under the law of that jurisdiction. This Application Form and the Prospectus are addressed to you personally. 不得發送或派發或複製本申請表格或招股章程的全部或部分。如未能遵守此項指令,可能違反美國證券法或其
which the personal data were collected. Personal data which is no longer required will be destroyed or dealt with in accordance with the Ordinance.
? be crossed “Account Payee Only”; ? 以「只准入抬頭人賬戶」劃線方式開出;? not be post dated; and ? 不得為期票;及
including, where applicable, in the name of HKSCC Nominees; 受讓證券;? maintaining or updating the registers of holders of securities of the Company; ? 存置或更新本公司證券持有人的名冊;
? any other incidental or associated purposes relating to the above and/or to enable the ? 與上述有關的任何其他附帶或相關用途及╱或使本公司及香股份過戶登記分處
Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar in connection with the operation of their respective businesses;
the kinds of data held should be addressed to the Company at its registered office disclosed in the “Corporate Information” section in the Prospectus or as notified from time to time in accordance with applicable law, for the attention of the Company secretary or (as the case may be) the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar for the attention of the Privacy Compliance Officer for the purposes of the Ordinance.
    ’ Broker s chop 經紀印鑑                  
    Broker no. 經紀號碼                  
charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request. All requests for 中披露的本公司註冊辦事處或根據適用法律不時通知的地址,向本公司的公司秘書或香
Total number of Shares We, on behalf of the Hong Kong Offer Shares on behalf of the underlying applicants whose details are contained in the 股份總數 underlying applicants, read-only CD-ROM submitted with this Application Form. offer to purchase 代表相關申請人提供認購的香發售股份(申請人的詳細資料含於連同本申請表格遞交的唯讀光 吾等(代表相關 碟)。 申請人)提出認購
a copy of that data, and to correct any data that is inaccurate. In accordance with the 記分處有權就處理任何查閱資料的要求收取合理費用。所有關於查閱資料或更正資料或
The dollar amount(s) stated in this box must be equal to the amount payable for the total 此欄所註明的金額必須與欄2所申請認購的香發售股份總數應付的金額相同。
stored (by whatever means) for the following purposes:
securities may from time to time agree.
Name of HK eIPO White Form Service Provider 網上白表服務供應商名稱                      
the guide on the back of this Application Form before completing this Application Form. Terms defined in the 格另有定義,否則本申請表格所使用的詞語與招股章程所界定具相同涵義。
wish to apply on behalf of the underlying applicants.
Company or the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar hold their personal data, to obtain 索取有關資料副本及更正任何不準確之資料。根據條例規定,本公司及香股份過戶登
? disclosing relevant information to facilitate claims on entitlements; and ? 披露有關資料以便就權益提出申索;及
the applicants and holders of securities for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for 人的個人資料。毋須保留的個人資料將會根據條例銷毀或處理。
disclaim any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of

? conducting or assisting to conduct signature verifications, any other verification or ? 進行或協助進行簽名核對、任何其他核對或交換資料;
Hong Kong Public Offering – HK eIPO White Form Service Provider Application Form 香公開發售-網上白表服務供應商申請表格

have been registered by the Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong as required by Section 342C of the Companies 司註冊處處長對任何此等文件的內容概不負責。
The allocation of the Offer Shares between the Hong Kong Public Offering and the International Offering will 在香公開發售與國際發售之間分配發售股份將受招股章程「全球發售的架構-香公開發售-重新分配」一
It is your responsibility to ensure that details on the cheque(s) submitted correspond with 閣下有責任確保所遞交的支票上的詳細資料與就本申請遞交的唯讀光碟或資料檔案所載
Personal Information Collection Statement 個人資料收集聲明
國際發售股份數目 : 39,176,800股股份(括19,646,800股新股份及19,530,000股銷售股份,並可予重新分配及

Public Offering – Reallocation” in the Prospectus. In particular, the Joint Global Coordinators may reallocate 香公開發售作出的有效申請。根據聯交所發出的指引信HKEX-GL91-18,倘並非根據「全球發售的架構-香
We confirm that we have (i) complied with the Guidelines for Electronic Public Offerings and the Operational 吾等確認,吾等已(i)遵守《電子公開發售指引》及透過銀行╱股票經紀遞交網上白表申請的運作程序以及與吾等就香 Procedures for HK eIPO White Form applications submitted via Banks/Stockbrokers and all applicable laws and 公開發售提供網上白表服務有關的所有適用法例及規例(不論法定或其他);及(ii)閱讀招股章程及本申請表格所載條款 regulations (whether statutory or otherwise) in relation to the provision of our HK eIPO White Form services in 及條件以及申請手續,並同意受其約束。為了代表與本申請有關的每名相關申請人作出申請,吾等: connection with the Hong Kong Public Offering; and (ii) read the terms and conditions and application procedures set out in the Prospectus and this Application Form and agree to be bound by them. Applying on behalf of each of the underlying applicants to whom this application relates, we: ? apply for the number of Hong Kong Offer Shares set out below, on the terms and conditions of the Prospectus ? 按照招股章程及本申請表格的條款及條件,,並在 貴公司組織章程細則規限下,申請以下數目的香發售股份; and this Application Form, and subject to the Articles of Association of the Company; ? enclose payment in full for the Hong Kong Offer Shares applied for, including 1% brokerage fee, 0.0027% ? 夾附申請認購香發售股份所需的全數款項(括1%經紀佣金、0.0027%證監會交易徵費、0.00015%財匯局交易 SFC transaction levy, 0.00015% FRC transaction levy and 0.005% Stock Exchange trading fee; 徵費及0.005%聯交所交易費); ? confirm that the underlying applicants have undertaken and agreed to accept the Hong Kong Offer Shares ? 確認相關申請人已承諾及同意接納所申請認購的香發售股份,或該等相關申請人根據本申請獲分配的任何較 applied for, or any lesser number allocated to such underlying applicants on this application; 少數目的香發售股份; ? undertake and confirm that the underlying applicant(s) and the person for whose benefit the underlying ? 承諾及確認相關申請人及相關申請人為其利益而提出申請的人士並無申請或承購或表示有意認購或收取或獲配 applicant(s) is/are applying has/have not applied for or taken up, or indicated an interest for, or received or 售或分配(括有條件及╱或暫定),並將不會申請或承購或表示有意認購國際發售的任何發售股份,亦不會以 been placed or allocated (including conditionally and/or provisionally), and will not apply for or take up, or 其他方式參與國際發售; indicate an interest for, any Offer Shares under the International Offering nor otherwise participate in the International Offering; ? understand that these declarations and representations will be relied upon by the Company and the Joint ? 明白 貴公司和聯席全球協調人、獨家保薦人、聯席賬簿管理人、聯席牽頭經辦人、香銷商及╱或彼等各 Global Coordinators, the Sole Sponsor, the Joint Bookrunners, the Joint Lead Managers, the Hong Kong 自顧問及代理將依賴此等聲明及陳述,以決定是否就本申請配發任何香發售股份,及相關申請人如作出虛假 Underwriters, and/or their respective advisers and agents in deciding whether or not to make any allotment of 聲明,可能會遭受檢控; Hong Kong Offer Shares in response to this application, and that the underlying applicants may be prosecuted if they made a false declaration; ? authorise the Company to place the name(s) of the underlying applicant(s) on the register of members of the ? 授權 貴公司將相關申請人的姓名╱名稱列入 貴公司股東名冊內,作為任何將配發予相關申請人的香發售 Company as the holder(s) of any Hong Kong Offer Shares to be allotted to them, and the Company and/or 股份的持有人,且 貴公司及╱或其代理可根據本申請表格、招股章程、IPO App及指定網站 its agents to send any Share certificate(s) (where applicable) by ordinary post at that underlying applicant’s 所載程序按相關申請人的申請指示所指定地址以普通郵遞方式寄發任何股票(如適用),郵誤風險概由該相關申 own risk to the address specified in the application instruction of that underlying applicant in accordance with 請人承擔; the procedures prescribed in this Application Form, in the Prospectus, in the IPO App and on the designated website at ; ? request that any e-Auto Refund payment instructions be despatched to the application payment account where ? 倘申請人使用單一銀行賬戶支付申請股款,要求任何電子自動退款指示將發送至申請付款賬戶內; the applicants had paid the application monies from a single bank account; ? request that any refund cheque(s) be made payable to the underlying applicant(s) who had used multiple ? 要求任何退款支票以使用多個銀行賬戶支付申請股款的相關申請人為抬頭人,並根據本申請表格、招股章程、 bank accounts to pay the application monies and to send any such refund cheque(s) by ordinary post at that IPO App及指定網站所述程序將任何有關退款支票以普通郵遞方式寄發到申請所列的地址,郵誤 underlying applicant’s own risk to the address stated on the application in accordance with the procedures 風險概由該相關申請人承擔; prescribed in this Application Form, in the Prospectus, in the IPO App and on the designated website at ; ? confirm that each underlying applicant has read the terms and conditions and application procedures set out ? 確認各相關申請人已閱讀本申請表格、招股章程及IPO App╱指定網站 所載條款及條件以及申 in this Application Form, in the Prospectus and in the IPO App/in the designated website at , 請手續,並同意受其約束; and agree to be bound by them; ? represent, warrant and undertake (a) that the underlying applicant(s) and any persons for whose benefit the ? 聲明、保證及承諾(a)相關申請人及相關申請人為其利益提出申請的人士並不受香或其他地方之任何適用法律 underlying applicant(s) is/are applying is not restricted by any applicable laws of Hong Kong or elsewhere 限制提出本申請、支付任何申請股款或獲配發或接納任何香發售股份及相關申請人及相關申請人為其利益提 from making this application, paying any application monies for, or being allocated or taking up, any 出申請的人士在填寫及提交申請時身處美國境外及屬S規例第902條第(h)(3)段所述的人士且相關申請人及相關申 Hong Kong Offer Shares and the underlying applicant(s) and any persons for whose benefit the underlying 請人為其利益提出申請的人士會於離岸交易(定義見S規例)中認購香發售股份;及(b)向相關申請人或由相關 applicant(s) is/are applying is/are outside the United States when completing and submitting the application 申請人或為其利益而提出本申請的人士配發或申請認購香發售股份,不會引致 貴公司、獨家保薦人、聯席 and is/are a person described in paragraph (h)(3) of Rule 902 of Regulation S and the underlying applicant(s) 全球協調人、聯席賬簿管理人、聯席牽頭經辦人、香銷商及╱或彼等各自顧問及代理須遵從香以外任何 and any persons for whose benefit and the underlying applicant(s) is/are applying will acquire the Hong Kong 地區的法律或規例(不論是否具法律效力)的任何規定;及 Offer Shares in an offshore transaction (within the meaning of Regulation S); and (b) that the allocation of or application for the Hong Kong Offer Shares to the underlying applicant or by underlying applicant or for whose benefit this application is made would not require the Company, the Sole Sponsor, the Joint Global Coordinators, the Joint Bookrunners, the Joint Lead Managers, the Hong Kong Underwriters, and/or their respective advisers and agents to comply with any requirements under any law or regulation (whether or not having the force of law) of any territory outside Hong Kong; and ? agree that this application, any acceptance of it and the resulting contract, will be governed by and construed ? 同意本申請、任何對本申請的接納以及因而訂立的合約,將受香法律管轄及按其詮釋。 in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. Signature Date 簽名 日期 Name of applicant Capacity 申請人姓名 身份 Sample  
Registrar to effect transfers or otherwise render their services. It may also prevent or delay 讓 閣下獲接納申請的香發售股份及╱或寄發股票及╱或發送電子自動退款指示
A total of cheque(s) Cheque number(s) 夾附合共 張支票 支票編號 are enclosed for HK$ Name of Bank a total sum of 銀行名稱 總金額為 元      
倘 閣下為網上白表服務供應商並代表相關申請人申請認購香發售股份,請使用本申請表格。

及0.005%聯交所交易費(須於申請時以元繳足,多繳款項可予退還)Nominal value : US$0.0001 per Share
The name and the representative capacity of the signatory should also be stated. To apply 簽署人的姓名及代表身份亦必須註明。如要使用本申請表格申請香發售股份, 閣下必

Hong Kong Underwriters 香銷商

Prospectus ) (in particular, the section on How to Apply for Hong Kong Offer Shares in the Prospectus) and (「招股章程」)(尤其是招股章程「如何申請香發售股份」一節)及刊於本申請表格背面的指引。除非本申請表
for Hong Kong Offer Shares using this Application Form, you must be named in the list 須為名列於證監會公佈的網上白表服務供應商名單內可以就香公開發售提供網上白表
? any agents, contractors or third-party service providers who offer administrative, ? 向本公司及╱或香股份過戶登記分處提供與其各自業務運作有關的行政、電訊、
is unauthorised. Failure to comply with this directive may result in a violation of the U.S. Securities Act or the
applicable laws of other jurisdictions.

You must state in this box the number of cheque(s) you are enclosing together with this 閣下必須在此欄註明 閣下連同本申請表格夾附的支票數目;並在每張支票的背面註明

procedures set out in this form and the Prospectus and announcing results of allocation of the Hong Kong Offer Shares;
Maximum Offer Price : HK$13.85 per Offer Share plus brokerage of 1.0%, SFC transaction levy of 0.0027%,
available under the Global Offering.

Branch Share Registrar may, to the extent necessary for achieving the above purposes or 個人資料的準確性,尤其可能會向下列任何及所有人士及機構披露、獲取或轉交證券持
To: TI Cloud Inc. 致: 天潤雲股份有限公司
1. Reasons for the collection of your personal data 1. 收集 閣下個人資料的原因From time to time it is necessary for applicants for securities or registered holders of 證券申請人或證券登記持有人申請證券或將證券轉往其名下,或將名下證券轉讓予他
The Company and its Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar will keep the personal data of 本公司及其香股份過戶登記分處將按收集個人資料所需的用途保留證券申請人及持有

Please use BLOCK letters 請用正楷填寫
for and/or the despatch of Share certificate(s), and/or the despatch of e-Auto Refund payment instructions, and/or the despatch of refund cheque(s) to which you are entitled.It is important that holders of securities inform the Company and the Hong Kong Branch 證券持有人所提供的個人資料如有任何錯誤,須立即通知本公司及香股份過戶登記分
“ ” “ ”
Number of International Offering Shares : 39,176,800 Shares (comprising 19,646,800 New Shares and 19,530,000 Sale Shares,

in any manner whatsoever in any jurisdiction where such forwarding, distribution or reproduction is not permitted 招股章程概不得以任何方式發送或派發或複製(全部或部分)。本申請表格及招股章程僅致予 閣下本人。概
“U.S. Securities Act”), or any state securities law in the United States and may not be offered, sold, pledged or 以及進行發售及出售的各司法管轄區適用法例以離岸交易方式在美國境外提呈發售及出售。將不會於美國進行
Exchange, if such allocation is done other than pursuant to the clawback mechanism as described in the section
? registering new issues or transfers into or out of the names of holders of securities ? 以證券持有人(括以香結算代理人(如適用))的名義登記新發行證券或轉讓或
being offered and sold outside the United States in offshore transactions in reliance on Regulation S under the U.S.
This completed Application Form, together with the appropriate cheque(s) and a sealed envelope 經填妥的本申請表格,連同相關支票及載有唯讀光碟的密封信封,必須於2022年6月24日(星期五)
Sample 樣版
holders of securities and/or regulators and/or any other purpose to which the holders of 何其他用途。
4 Insert your details in Box 4 (using BLOCK letters). 4 在欄4填上 閣下的詳細資料(用正楷填寫)。
Number of Offer Shares under the Global Offering : 43,530,000 Shares (comprising 24,000,000 New Shares and 19,530,000 Sale Shares,

A copy of this Application Form, the Prospectus and the other documents specified in the section headed 本申請表格、招股章程及招股章程附錄五「送呈公司註冊處處長及展示文件」一節所列的其他文件,已遵照香
? compiling statistical information and Shareholder profiles; ? 編製統計資料及股東資料;? making disclosures as required by laws, rules or regulations; ? 遵照法例、規則或規例的要求作出披露;
Please read carefully the prospectus of TI Cloud Inc. (the “Company”) dated Tuesday, June 21, 2022 (the 在填寫本申請表格前,請細閱天潤雲股份有限公司(「本公司」)於2022年6月21日(星期二)刊發的招股章程
All cheque(s) and this Application Form together with a sealed envelope containing the 所有支票及本申請表格,連同載有該唯讀光碟的密封信封(如有)必須放進蓋上 閣下公
Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong take no responsibility as to the contents of any of these documents.
in this box. You should also include the name and telephone number of the contact person ?業地點的聯絡人士的姓名及電話號碼及(如適用)經紀號碼及加蓋經紀印章。
Failure to supply the requested data may result in your application for securities being 未能提供所要求的資料可能導致 閣下的證券申請被拒絕或延遲,或本公司及╱或香
The personal data of the applicants and the holders of securities may be used, held and/or 證券申請人及持有人的個人資料可作以下用途使用、持有及╱或保存(不論何種方式):
全球發售項下發售股份數目 : 43,530,000股股份(括24,000,000股新股份及19,530,000股銷售股份,並視乎超額配股權
would be unlawful. This Application Form and the Prospectus are not for distribution, directly or indirectly, in 派發,而此項申請亦非在美國出售股份的要約。發售股份並無亦將不會根據1933年美國證券法(經不時修訂)

access to data or correction of data or for information regarding policies and practices and 股份過戶登記分處屬下就條例所指的私隱事務主任(視乎情況而定)提出。
applications in the case of discrepancies.

transferred within the United States, except pursuant to an exemption from, or in a transaction not subject to, the 發售股份的公開發售。

Please use this application form if you are a HK eIPO White Form Service Provider and are applying for Hong Kong Offer Shares on behalf of underlying applicants.

? where applicants for securities request deposit into CCASS, to HKSCC and HKSCC ? (如證券申請人要求將證券存於中央結算系統)香結算及香結算代理人;彼等將
Branch Share Registrar in relation to personal data and compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
Application Form.
registration or transfer of the Hong Kong Offer Shares which you have successfully applied 及╱或寄發 閣下應得的退款支票。

Application Form; and you must state on the reverse of each of those cheque(s) (i) your HK (i) 閣下的網上白表服務供應商編號及(ii)載有相關申請人申請詳細資料的資料檔案的檔
FRC transaction levy of 0.00015% and Stock Exchange trading fee of 0.005% (payable in full on application in Hong Kong dollars, subject to refund)最高發售價 : 每股發售股份13.85元,另加1.0%經紀佣金、0.0027%證監會交易徵費、0.00015%財匯局交易徵費
Stock code : 2167
at your place of business and where applicable, the Broker No. and Broker’s Chop.Personal Data 個人資料

The main provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong 香法例第486章《個人資料(私隱)條例》(「條例」)中的主要條文於1996年12月20日在香生
into or out of their names or in procuring the services of the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar.
“ ”
Your application may be rejected if any of these requirements is not met or if the cheque is 倘未能符合任何此等規定或倘支票首次過戶不獲兌現, 閣下的申請可遭拒絕受理。
Nominees, who will use the personal data for the purposes of operating CCASS; 會就中央結算系統的運作使用有關個人資料;
“ ”

services in relation to the Hong Kong Public Offering, which was released by the SFC.2 Put in Box 2 (in figures) the total number of Hong Kong Offer Shares for which you 2 在欄2填上 閣下欲代表相關申請人申請認購的香發售股份總數(請填寫數字)。
CD-ROM, if any, must be placed in the envelope bearing your company chop. 司印章的信封內。
No receipt will be issued for sums paid on application. 申請時繳付的款項將不會獲發收據。
securities to supply their latest correct personal data to the Company or its agents and/or its 人,或要求香股份過戶登記分處提供服務時,須不時向本公司或其代理及╱或其香
to have dealings, such as their bankers, solicitors, accountants or stockbrokers, etc. 師或股票經紀等。
股份代號 : 2167
telecommunications, computer, payment or other services to the Company and/or the 電腦、付款或其他服務的任何代理人、承商或第三方服務供應商;
Kong) (the “Ordinance”) came into effect in Hong Kong on December 20, 1996. This Personal 效。此項個人資料收集聲明是向股份申請人及持有人說明本公司及其香股份過戶登記分處
1 Sign and date the application form in Box 1. Only a written signature will be accepted. 1 在申請表格欄1簽署及填上日期。僅接受親筆簽名。
? the Stock Exchange, the SFC and any other statutory, regulatory or governmental ? 聯交所、證監會及任何其他法定、監管或政府機關;及
eIPO White Form Service Provider ID and (ii) the file number of the data file containing 案編號。
3. Transfer of personal data 3. 轉交個人資料

Share Registrar immediately of any inaccuracies in the personal data supplied. 處。
Documents Delivered to the Registrar of Companies and Available on Display in Appendix V to the Prospectus 法例第32章公司(清盤及雜項條文)條例第342C條的規定,送呈香公司註冊處處長登記。證監會及香公


indirectly, in or into the United States (including its territories and dependencies, any State of the United States 要約或游說的一部分。
dishonoured on its first presentation.
where applicable, and verification of compliance with the terms and application 格及招股章程所載條款及申請手續及公佈香發售股份的分配結果;

5. Access and correction of personal data 5. 查閱及更正個人資料The Ordinance provides the holders of securities with rights to ascertain whether the 條例賦予證券持有人權利以確定本公司或香股份過戶登記分處是否持有其個人資料、
Offer Shares in the Prospectus which sets out the policies and practices of the Company and its Hong Kong 記分處有關個人資料及遵守香法例第486章《個人資料(私隱)條例》的政策及措施。

This Application Form and the Prospectus may not be forwarded or distributed or reproduced (in whole or in part) 在任何根據有關司法管轄區法律不得發送、派發或複製本申請表格及招股章程之司法管轄區內,本申請表格及


the contents of this Application Form, make no representation as to its accuracy or completeness and expressly 而引致的任何損失承擔任何責任。
June 24, 2022:
registration requirements of the U.S. Securities Act and applicable U.S. state securities laws. The Offer Shares are

? processing of your application and e-Auto Refund payment instructions/refund cheque, ? 處理 閣下的申請及電子自動退款指示╱退款支票(如適用)及核實是否符合本表
exchange of information;

headed “Structure of the Global Offering – The Hong Kong Public Offering – Reallocation”, the maximum total
Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar when applying for securities or transferring securities 股份過戶登記分處提供其最新的準確個人資料。
be not more than 8,706,000 Shares, representing approximately 20% of the total number of Offer Shares initially
number of Hong Kong Offer Shares applied for in Box 2.
Exchange”), Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited (“HKSCC”), the Securities and Futures 香證券及期貨事務監察委員會(「證監會」)及香公司註冊處處長對本申請表格的內容概不負責,對其準確
Nothing in this Application Form or the Prospectus constitutes an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy 本申請表格或招股章程所載概不構成出售要約或要約購買的游說,而在任何作出有關要約、游說或出售即
policies and practices of the Company and its Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar in relation to personal data and the Ordinance.
4. Retention of personal data 4. 個人資料的保留
and the District of Columbia). These materials do not constitute or form a part of any offer or solicitation to
Nothing in this Application Form or the Prospectus constitutes an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to 本申請表格或招股章程所載概不構成出售要約或要約購買的游說,而在任何作出有關要約、游說或出售即屬
Any forwarding or distribution or reproduction of this Application Form or the Prospectus in whole or in part 他司法管轄區的適用法律。
bodies; and

Your attention is drawn to the paragraph headed “Personal Data” in the section “How to Apply for Hong Kong 閣下敬請留意招股章程「如何申請香發售股份」一節「個人資料」一段,當中載有本公司及其香股份過戶登
Prospectus have the same meaning when used in this Application Form unless defined herein.Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock 香交易及結算所有限公司、香聯合交易所有限公司(「聯交所」)、香中央結算有限公司(「香結算」)、
2. Purposes 2. 用途
purchase or subscribe for securities in the United States.
sales would be unlawful. The information contained in this Application Form is not for distribution, directly or 屬地、美國各州及哥倫比亞特區)境內直接或間接派發。該等資料不屬於或組成在美國購買或認購證券的任何
number of Offer Shares that may be allocated to the Hong Kong Public Offering following such reallocation shall
any of them, make such enquiries as they consider necessary to confirm the accuracy of 有人的個人資料(無論在香境內或境外):

? the Company or its appointed agents such as financial advisers, receiving bankers and ? 本公司或其委任的代理,如財務顧問、收款銀行及主要海外股份過戶登記處;
under the Hong Kong Public Offering. In accordance with Guidance Letter HKEX-GL91-18 issued by the Stock 售股份最高總數不得超過8,706,000股股份(佔全球發售項下初步可供認購的發售股份總數約20%)。
Address 地址   For Broker use 此欄供經紀填寫 Lodged by 申請由以下經紀遞交                  
Information Collection Statement informs the applicant for and holder of the Shares of the 有關個人資料及條例方面的政策及措施。

? be signed by the authorised signatories of the HK eIPO White Form Service Provider. ? 由網上白表服務供應商的授權簽署人簽署。
dividends, rights issues and bonus issues, etc;
Ordinance, the Company and the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar have the right to 查詢有關政策及措施的資料及所持有資料類別的要求,應按照招股章程「公司資料」一節
to the holders of securities will be kept confidential but the Company and its Hong Kong 份過戶登記分處可在將資料用作上述用途的必要情況下作出彼等認為必要之查詢以確定
Joint Lead Managers 聯席牽頭經辦人
TI Cloud Inc.

By signing this form, you agree to all of the above. 閣下簽署本表格,即表示同意上述所有規定。

buy nor shall there be any sale of Hong Kong Offer Shares in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or 違法的司法管轄區內,概不得出售任何香發售股份。本申請表格所載資料,不得在或向美國(括其領土及
面值 : 每股0.0001美元
Offer Shares from the International Offering to the Hong Kong Public Offering to satisfy valid applications 公開發售-重新分配」一節所述回補機制進行有關分配,則進行有關重新分配後可分配至香公開發售的發
be subject to adjustment as described in the section headed “Structure of the Global Offering – The Hong Kong 節所述調整規限。具體而言,聯席全球協調人可將發售股份由國際發售重新分配至香公開發售,以滿足根據
? distributing communications from the Company and its subsidiaries; ? 分發本公司及其附屬公司的公司通訊;
Company and the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar to discharge their obligations to 能履行對證券持有人及╱或監管機構承擔的責任及╱或證券持有人不時同意的任

overseas principal share registrars;
this Application Form.
(Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Chapter 32 of the Laws of Hong Kong). The SFC and the
You should write the name, ID and address of the HK eIPO White Form Service Provider 閣下必須在此欄填上網上白表服務供應商的名稱、編號及地址。 閣下亦必須填寫 閣下
Joint Global Coordinators 聯席全球協調人

For payments by cheque, the cheque must: 如以支票繳付股款,該支票必須:? be in Hong Kong dollars; ? 為元支票;
? disclosing identities of successful applicants by way of press announcement(s) or ? 透過報章公告或其他方式披露獲接納申請人士的身份;
and subject to the Over-allotment Option)
Securities Act and the applicable laws of each jurisdiction where those offers and sales occur. No public offering
For Bank Use 此欄供銀行填寫GUIDE TO COMPLETING THIS APPLICATION FORM 填寫本申請表格的指引References to boxes below are to the numbered boxes on this Application Form. 下文提述的號碼乃本申請表格中各欄的編號。
of HK eIPO White Form Service Providers who may provide HK eIPO White Form 服務的人士。
Name of contact person 聯絡人姓名   Contact number 聯絡電話號碼   Fax number 傳真號碼              
Commission of Hong Kong ( SFC ) and the Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong take no responsibility for 性或完整性亦不發表任何聲明,並明確表示概不就因本申請表格全部或任何部分內容而產生或因依賴該等內容