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管理员 区块链钱包 2022年06月13日

Wanka Online Inc. is a fast-growing technology company in the 萬咖壹聯有限公司是移動互聯網市場上的一
mobile Internet market, helping connect businesses from various 家快速增長的科技公司,幫助各行各業的企
industries to hundreds of millions of Android-based smartphone 業與中國數以億計安卓智能手機用戶建立聯
users in China. We provide Android-based content distribution 繫。我們向尋求移動廣告、網絡視頻產品分
services for marketers seeking mobile advertising, online-video 發及遊戲聯運服務的行業客戶提供安卓內容
distribution and game co-publishing services. Under the close 分發服務。在與硬核聯盟及快應用聯盟建立
strategic partnership with MHA, Quick App Alliance and ITGSA, 的緊密戰略合作下,我們可以隨時隨地接觸
we were in a position to build an Android-based mobile ecosystem 到中國最大的智能手機用戶群,構建了服務
that serves industrial players through approaching the largest 於行業參與的安卓移動生態系統。我們構
group of smartphone users in China at any time anywhere. The 建的生態系統助力我們的分發渠道,尤其是ecosystem we have built had helped our distribution channels, 智能手機製造商,通過將線上廣告機會與尋
particularly those of smartphone manufacturers, to maximise their 求發佈內容廣告的行業客戶進行精準匹配,
monetisation potential by matching online advertising opportunities 使手機製造商的分發渠道實現變現能力的最
with marketers seeking to advertise their contents. It also provides 大化。同時,我們亦推動行業客戶以具有成
marketers with access to a massive user base accumulated by 本效益的方式通過智能手機製造商積累了龐smartphone manufacturers in a cost-effective manner. 大的用戶基礎。

“ ”

This is the fourth Environmental, Social and Governance ( ESG ) 這是本公司第四份環境、社會及管治報告,

report of the Company, which presents a review of the Company s 當中呈列本公司就環境、社會及管治事宜表
performance on ESG issues. Unless otherwise stated, this report 現的概覽。除另有註明外,本報告應與本公
should be read in conjunction with the 2021 annual report of the 司二零二一年年報(尤其當中所載的企業管
Company, in particular the Corporate Governance Report contained 治報告)一併閱讀。除文意另有所指外,本
therein. Capitalised terms defined in the 2021 annual report of the 公司二零二一年年報所界定的詞彙,在本環
Company shall have the same meanings when used in this ESG 境、社會及管治報告使用時具有相同涵義。

report, unless the context otherwise requires.
This report is prepared in accordance with the ‘comply or explain’ 本報告乃遵照香聯合交易所有限公司證
provision of Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting 券上市規則附錄二十七《環境、社會及管治Guide (hereinafter referred to as the “ESG Guide”) in Appendix 報告指引》(下稱「環境、社會及管治報告指
27 to the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock 引」)的「不遵守就解釋」條文編製。本報告所
Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. Information as contained in this 載資料源自本集團的統計數據、問卷、記錄
report is derived from the statistics, questionnaires, records and 及分析結果。環境、社會及管治指引的目錄
analytical results of the Group. An ESG Guide Content Index is set 索引載於本報告附錄一。本報告以英文及中
out in Appendix I of this report. The report is published in English 文版本刊發。兩個版本之間如有任何衝突,
and Chinese. In case of any conflicts between the two versions, the 概以英文版本為準。

English version shall prevail.
This report was made under the following principles: 本報告的編製乃遵循以下原則:Materiality Quantitative
重要議題 量化
Materiality was assessed based on the results We used quantitative methods to measure and obtained from stakeholder engagement. The material disclose applicable key performance indicators issues identified were verified by the Board. (“KPIs”). The methodologies, assumption or calculation
重要議題的評估結果是基於持份的意見所得。董事會 have been explained in the corresponding context, 已核實所識別的重要議題。 where applicable.


Balance Consistency
平衡 一致
We disclosed both positive and negative information We adopted consistent methodologies to allow a fair
objectively to ensure an unbiased picture of the comparison of our performance over time. Where ’
Company s ESG performance during the Reporting applicable, changes to the methods or KPIs used Period. have been explained in the corresponding section.
我們客觀地披露正面及負面資料,以確保本公司於報告 我們採用一致的方法,公平地比較我們歷來的表現。在期內的環境、社會及管治表現並無偏頗。 適用的情況下,我們已在相應章節說明所採用的方法或關鍵績效指標的變化。

All information provided in this report covers the 2021 calendar year 本報告提供的所有資料涵蓋二零二一年曆年(「報
“ ” 告期」),與本公司二零二一年年報的財政年度一
(the Reporting Period ), which is consistent with the financial year 致。與二零二零年環境、社會及管治報告一致,

of the Company s 2021 annual report. Consistent with the 2020 本報告所載的政策文件、聲明及數據涵蓋北京及
ESG report, the policy document, declaration and data set out in 上海附屬公司,均為本集團的核心業務經?地
this report cover the subsidiaries in Beijing and Shanghai, which are 點。本集團與多項關鍵績效指標有關的表現連同

the core business operation places of the Group. The Group s ESG 與二零一九年及二零二零年業績的比較披露於關
performance relative to various KPIs, with comparison to 2019 and 鍵績效指標一節。

2020, are disclosed in the Key Performance Indicators section.FEEDBACK ON THIS REPORT
We have taken into consideration the interests and requirements 我們已考慮內部及外部持份的利益及要求。我
of our internal and external stakeholders. We have an effective 們與持份保持有效的溝通渠道,並歡迎 閣下
communication channel with our stakeholders and we welcome any 對本報告提出任何意見及建議。 閣下可通過電
comments and suggestions you may have on this report. You may 饋意見。

submit your feedback of this report at: esg@wankaonline.com.GOVERNANCE 管治
The Board plays a primary role in overseeing the Group’s ESG 董事會在監督本集團的環境、社會及管治工作中
endeavours. The Board regularly reviews the ESG policy and
oversees the execution of the Group’s ESG strategy and issues. 及事項的執行情況。本集團已成立環境、社會及
The Group has an ESG Working Group, comprised of members
from the management and head of various departments, which
reports directly to the Board and is responsible for the Company’s 境、社會及管治策略制定、識別及評估環境、社
overall ESG strategy formulation, identification and evaluation of 會及管治風險、檢討環境、社會及管治管理政
ESG risks, review of ESG management policies, review of ESG 策、檢討環境、社會及管治計劃,以及協調各職
plans, and the coordination of ESG matters with all functional 能部門的環境、社會及管治事宜。

To the best of its knowledge, this report addresses all relevant 據董事會所深知,本報告處理所有相關重大事
material issues and fairly presents the ESG performance of the 的表現。董事會已審閱及批准本報告。

Group. This report was reviewed and approved by the Board.

Adhering to the vision of Interconnecting the Intelligent world, 在幫助不同行業將業務與數以億計的智能手機用
we aim at helping connect businesses from various industries to 戶連接。我們促進不同持份之間和諧共處,平
hundreds of millions of smartphone users. We promote harmony to 衡環境與社區的利益。

different stakeholders, balancing the interests from the environment and the community.
We will continue to place more emphasis on ESG management,
and encourage every individual, business partner and peer to take 並鼓勵每位個人、業務夥伴及同業參與實施我們

part in the implementation of our ESG strategy.
We set the ESG policy which governs our business and operational 務及?運決策,除確保我們完全遵守法律及法規
decisions to consider our economic, environmental and social 外,亦需考慮我們對經濟、環境及社會的影。

implications, in addition to ensuring that we fully comply with laws 我們定期審閱環境、社會及管治政策,以確保對
and regulations. Our ESG policy are reviewed regularly to ensure 我們業務的相關及合適程度。有關的環境、社會
the relevance and appropriateness to our business. The ESG policy 及管治政策已獲董事會批准。

has been approved by the Board.
Our ESG policy states our vision and ESG’s principles, which 和環境、社會及管治原則,括我們的環境、社
include the four main areas of our ESG strategy:
1) 市場
1) Marketplace
2) 專業操守
2) Ethics
3) 勞工
3) Labour
4) 環境
4) Environment
Going forward, we will continue to integrate our ESG measures into 納入經?業務內。

our operations.
The Company aims to response and feedback to any material
concerns of the stakeholders on a timely manner. To evaluate 現,我們持續進行持份參與行動及重要性評
our performance on ESG, we conduct stakeholder engagement
exercise and materiality assessments on an ongoing basis.
Their opinions are reflected to the ESG report and facilitated our 下文所載多種渠道與持份聯絡。

development plans and operational strategies. We connected with our stakeholders through various channels set out as below.
External Stakeholders
Government and regulators Investors, shareholders and media Customers政府及監管機構 投資、股東及媒體 客戶
? Verbal and written ? Annual general meeting and ? Questionnairescommunications on a need notices 問卷
basis 股東週年大會及通告
按需要進行口頭及書面的聯絡 ? Customer meetings
溝通 ? Corporate publications 客戶會議
including annual report,
interim report and ESG report ? On-site visits
公司刊物(括年度報告、中 實地考察
? Circulars and announcements
? Direct communication via a
designated email address
? Press release
? Roadshows and investor
? Questionnaires and interviews
Suppliers and business partners Non-governmental organisations Local communities供應商及業務夥伴 and industry associations 地方社區
? Questionnaires ? Meetings and ? Community events
問卷 correspondences with market 社區活動
practitioners and related
? Meetings associations ? Collaborative projects
會議 與市場參與及相關組織舉行 合作項目
Internal Stakeholders
? Monthly newsletters
? Questionnaires and interviews
? Regular intranet communication
? Internal staff training
We maintain effective communication with stakeholders through the 內,我們進行全面的重要性評估,括向內部及
above channels. During the year, we conducted a comprehensive 外部持份進行內部評估及調查。我們從重要性
materiality assessment that included internal evaluations and 矩陣中識別出本公司旨在管理及報告的十個重要
surveys with both our internal and external stakeholders. We 範疇。

identified 10 material areas from the materiality matrix, which the Company aims to manage and report on.
Materiality Matrix 2021

Low Importance to Business Operation High
低 高
In the materiality assessment, stakeholders were asked to rate a 及對較大社區的相關性及重要性對一系列環境、
list of ESG topics in terms of their relevance and importance to 社會及管治主題進行評分。下表列出我們的持份
our business as well as to the wider community. The tables below 確定為重要的我們業務?運中的重要領域:
included the material areas that were identified as important by our stakeholders and our business operations:
Social 社會
6 Labour Standards and Labour Relations
8 Employee Development and Training
9 Employee Safety and Health
Operating Practices ?運慣例
10 Anti-Corruption and whistleblowing
11 Compliance in Industry
12 Responsible Business Practices
13 Service Quality
14 Provision of Stable Services
15 Protection and Respect for Intellectual Property Rights
16 Customer Satisfaction
In the materiality assessment, stakeholders were asked to rate a 及對較大社區的相關性及重要性對一系列環境、
list of ESG topics in terms of their relevance and importance to 社會及管治主題進行評分。下表列出我們的持份
our business as well as to the wider community. The tables below 確定為重要的我們業務?運中的重要領域:
included the material areas that were identified as important by our stakeholders and our business operations:
Social 社會
6 Labour Standards and Labour Relations
8 Employee Development and Training
9 Employee Safety and Health
Operating Practices ?運慣例
10 Anti-Corruption and whistleblowing
11 Compliance in Industry
12 Responsible Business Practices
13 Service Quality
14 Provision of Stable Services
15 Protection and Respect for Intellectual Property Rights
16 Customer Satisfaction
The Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”), a framework 可持續發展目標(「可持續發展目標」)是由聯 developed by the United Nations, aim to build a better world for 合國提出,旨在於二零三零年前為人類及地 the people and the Planet by 2030 and are designed to be applied 球建設更美好家園的框架,以供世界各國政 by governments and organisations worldwide. We seek to embed 府及組織應用。我們尋求將相關的可持續發 the relevant SDG targets into our processes and have identified the 展目標指標融入到我們的流程中,並已識別 SDGs, where our business has the greatest ability to drive change 該等可持續發展目標,於該等目標中,我們 within our markets. We support the SDGs as highlighted below. 的業務在所處市場內最具實力推動市場帶來 改變。我們所支持的可持續發展目標概述如可持續發展目標 SDG SDG Targets Relevant Sections 可持續發展目標 可持續發展目標指標 有關章節目標8.8:保障勞工權益,為所有工人提供安全及有保障的工作環境他任何區別員工是本集團最寶貴的資產。我們認為員工是爭 Employees are the most valuable asset of the Group. We believe 取實現我們長遠的成功及實現本公司使命的核心 that our employees are a core organisation capability that strive for 組織能力。於二零二一年十二月三十一日,我們 our long-term success and to fulfil our Company’s mission. As at 聘用202名僱員,其中(1)145名僱員駐於北京及 31 December 2021, we had 202 employees, among which, (1) 145 上海;及(2)我們的98.5%僱員駐於中國。我們致 employees are based in Beijing and Shanghai and (2) 98.5% of our 力提供良好的工作環境,投資於員工福利並為僱 employees are based in the PRC. We are committed to providing 員提供學習、成長及發揮其全面潛質的機會。我 a sound working environment, investing in staff well-being and 們關心僱員福祉。例如,我們為僱員慶祝特別日 offering our employees opportunities to learn, grow and reach their 子,如生日派對及週年慶典。我們亦為員工設立 full potentials. We care for the well-being of our employees. For 跑步小組,以緩解彼等的工作相關壓力。 example, we celebrate special occasions with our employees, such as birthday party and anniversary events. We also have a running group for our employees to ease their work-related pressure.為使僱員在工作與家庭責任方面平衡發展,我們
In order to balance work and family responsibility of our employees, 採納靈活工時制度,讓負家庭責任的僱員可在
we adopted flexible working hour practice, which allow our

employees with family commitments can devote more time before or after work to take care of family matters.
All our employment is voluntary. Child labour and forced labour 我們僱用的所有人員均屬自願。嚴禁在我們整個
are strictly prohibited in our entire business. We make sure that 遵守適用就業法律及法規。人力資源部門會在招
we are strictly complies with the applicable employment laws and 聘過程中檢查候選人的身份證件,以防止聘用童
regulations. The human resource department would inspect the 工。於報告期內,我們並不知悉存在任何有關適
identification documents of candidates during the recruitment 用就業法律及法規(括《中華人民共和國禁止使
process to prevent recruiting child labour. We are not aware of any 用童工規定》、《中華人民共和國勞動合同法》、
non-compliance cases in relation to applicable employment laws 《中華人民共和國職業病防治法》及《中華人民共
and regulations, including Provision on the Prohibition of Using 和國勞動法》)的違規情況。

Child Labour of the PRC, Labour Contract Law of the PRC, the Law of the PRC on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases and the Labour Law of the PRC, during the Reporting Period.
我們認可多元化員工結構的益處,認為此為維持 We recognise the benefits of diversified staff structure and believe it 本集團競爭優勢的重要因素之一。我們對任何形 as one of the vital elements in sustaining a competitive advantage of 式的歧視或騷擾採取零容忍態度。我們十分注重 the Group. We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment 本集團各層面的多元化(括性別多元化)。於 in any form. We place tremendous emphasis on diversity (including 二零二一年十二月三十一日,董事會的性別多元 gender diversity) across all levels of the Group. As at 31 December 化處於相對較高水平(25%,8名董事中有2名為 2021, the gender diversity of the Board was at a relatively high level 女性),本集團整體性別多元化平衡(男性員工佔 (25%, 2 females out of 8 Directors) and total gender diversity of 50%,女性員工佔50%)。本集團正通過員工網 the Group was balanced (50% male employees and 50% female 路、指導方案、公平招聘常規、政策及加強意識 employees). The Group is enhancing diversity and inclusion efforts 的活動,以及為全體員工提供培訓以支持共融行 through employee networks, mentoring programmes, equitable 為,增強多元化及共融工作。例如,我們於二零 hiring practices, policies and awareness raising events and training 二一年組織了國際婦女節慶祝活動。 for all employees to support inclusive behaviours. For example, we organised a celebratory activity on the International Women’s Day in 2021.We have a diversified talents with various expertise and 我們擁有具有各種專業知識和背景的多元化人才。截至二零二一年十二月三十一日,本集團員
background. As at 31 December 2021, the analysis of employee 工資料分析如下:
information of the Group are as follows:
Total Workforce by Gender
2021 2020
50% 50% Male 男性
Female 女性
50% 50%
Total Workforce by Employment Contract
2021 2020
1% 1% Permanent 永久
Temporary 臨時
99% 99%
Total Workforce by Age Group
2021 2020
Below 30
30 歲以下
58% 41%
31-40 years old
31 至40 歲
36% 49%
6% 9%
41-50 years old
41 至50 歲
0% 1%
51-60 years old
51 至60 歲
Total Workforce by Employee Type
2021 2020
Senior Management
18% 14%
Middle Management
11% 16%
71% 70%
General and technical staff
As part of our human resources strategy, we offer employees 作為人力資源政策的一部分,我們為僱員提供具
competitive pay, welfare, performance-based cash bonuses and 其他獎勵以吸引及挽留人才。花紅派發制度以表
other incentives to attract and retain talent. The bonus system 現為基準,為獎勵傑出表現的員工而設。每年進
is performance-based and designed to reward employees with

excellent performance. Appraisals are reviewed on annual basis 審查結果將用作調整薪金、花紅及獎勵酬金、晉
to evaluate individual performance and contribution. The appraisal 升及調任的參考指標。此外,我們亦設立多項股
results will be used as a reference for salary adjustment, the bonus 份激勵計劃,括股份獎勵及購股權,以鼓勵對
and remuneration reward, promotion and placement. Furthermore, 本集團發展作出貢獻的員工。

we have also set up several share-based incentive schemes
including share awards and share options to motivate employee who have made contribution to the development of the Group.
To cultivate a family-like atmosphere at our workplace, we offer 為在我們的工作場所?造家庭般的氛圍,我們為
our staff a variety of welfare. Depending on their needs and 權申請不同類別的假期,括產假、陪產假、婚
circumstances, they are entitled to apply for different types of leave, 假、工傷假及職業病假以及私事假。

including maternity leave, paternity leave, marriage leave, leave for injuries and occupational diseases and compassionate leave.
We primarily recruit our employees through variety of recruitment 我們主要通過招聘代理、校園招聘會、網上招聘
channels including recruitment agencies, on-campus job fairs, 渠道、我們的公司網站、工作搜尋網站及社交網
online recruiting channels, our corporate website, job search 絡平台等多種招聘渠道聘用僱員。我們已將每個
websites and social networking platforms. We have defined the 標準。

job qualification and job description for each position as criteria for employing new staff.
We emphasise the importance of equality of opportunities
and commitment to ensure an equal opportunities and equal 員工、職位申請人及其他相關人士享有平等機會
employment environment for all staff, job applicants and
other concerned parties. We are dedicated to providing equal 齡、宗教、性取向或家庭狀況的一切形式的歧
opportunities for all candidates. We prohibit all forms of
discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, race, age, religious, 招聘評估基於求職的教育水平、專業資格、經
sexual orientation or family status. Our selection process is 驗、技能和能力。經參考申請人的才能及滿足工
consistently applied to all job applicants and the recruitment 作要求的能力,職位僅提供予最合適的申請人,
evaluations are based on the applicants’ education level,

professional qualification, experience, skills and abilities. Employment is offered only to the best suitable applicants with reference to their merits and abilities to meet the requirements of the jobs, irrespective of whether they are referrals or direct applicants.
We value our relationship with our employees and handle employee 我們珍惜與僱員的關係,並根據適用法律及法規
departure (whether by resignation or dismissal) in accordance with 高員工保有率,我們收集並分析員工流失的原
applicable laws and regulations. In order to improve employee 因。我們為每名離職僱員安排離職面談以了解其
retention, we collect and analyse the reasons behind of the 離職的原因,並歡迎他們提出任何建議,讓本公
turnover. We arrange an exit interview with each of the departing 司日後作出改善。報告期內,員工的月流失率為
employees to understand the reasons for their departure and 4.3%。

welcome any of their suggestions for future improvement of the Company. During the Reporting Period, the monthly turnover rate of the employees is 4.3%.
To ensure their knowledge and skills keep pace with the
fast-changing technology environment, we nurture the capabilities 力,確保其知識及技能緊貼快速變化的科技環
of our employees with comprehensive training and continuous 提供職前培訓以及定期持續管理和技術培訓。所
development program. We have adopted a training protocol,
pursuant to which we provide pre-employment and regular

continuing management and technical training to our employees. All our new employees are compulsory to join the training courses to ensure their understanding on our culture, policies, rules and regulations.
During the Reporting Period, the Group organised a total of 183 於報告期內,本集團已組織合共183次各種主題
training classes of various topics including the Group’s services, 則、規例及技術技能等方面的最新發展等,以
the latest development of markets, rules and regulation and 提高我們僱員的整體能力並豐富彼等的專業知
technical skills etc. to enhance our employees’ overall competency 識。我們以內部培訓課程及培訓研討會形式為
and enrich their professional knowledge. We conducted 2,417 133名僱員提供了合計2,417小時的培訓。鑒於對
total hours of training in the form of in-house training courses and COVID-19疫情的評估,我們組織了部分在線培
training seminars for our 133 employees. In light of COVID-19 訓來代替我們通常的研討會。

pandemic measurement, we organised some of our training online in lieu of our usual seminars.
We publish staff newsletters on a regular basis to keep all staff up 我們定期出版員工通訊,讓全體員工獲得有關本

to date with events and the latest business developments of the Group.
Our employees are encouraged to make suggestions or complaints 我們鼓勵員工通過多元化的溝通渠道,括投訴
in horizontal or vertical communications through our diverse 的溝通方式提出建議或作出申訴。為作出更理想
communication channels, including complaint box, e-mail,
routine meetings or announcements. To better respond, we have 箱內的投訴。

designated certain employees to handle complaints lodged inside the complaint box on confidential terms.
Although the operation of the Group does not involve production, 儘管本集團的?運並不涉及生產,但我們致力為
we strive to provide a safe and comfortable work environment 僱員提供一個安全舒適的工作環境。本集團遵守
for our employees. The Group complies with applicable laws and 適用的法律及法規,括《中華人民共和國勞動
regulations, including the Labour Law of the PRC, the Labour 法》、《中華人民共和國勞動合同法》及《中華人民
Contract Law of the PRC, and the Implementation Regulations 共和國勞動合同法實施條例》,以建立及維持一
of the Labour Contract Law of the PRC in establishing and
maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment to secure 權利。

our employees interests and rights.
To ensure employee awareness of safe and healthy workplace
behaviours and maintain high occupational safety and health 在本集團保持較高的職業安全與健康標準,我們
standard across the Group, we organised regular fire drills and 定期舉行火警演習並提供應急管理的培訓。

provide training on emergency management.
During the Reporting Period, we had not been subject to any fines 於報告期內,我們並無因違反適用的健康、安全
or other penalties due to non-compliance with applicable health, 或環境法規而被判罰款或受到其他處罰。

safety or environmental regulations.
We aim to deepen our cooperative relationship with our upstream 係。我們的目標在於與供應商合作,於5G時代分
business partners of the business chain. We aim to build reliable 銷優質服務及產品以建立可信賴的供應鏈關係。

supply chain relationships with our suppliers as we work together 我們與合共185名經批准的合資格供應商合作,
to distribute quality services and products in the 5G era. We 括智能手機製造商及非智能手機分銷渠道供應
collaborated with a total of 185 approved qualified suppliers, 商(主要括第三方移動應用程序市集及移動新
including smartphone manufacturers and non-smartphone
manufacturer distribution channel suppliers, primarily consisting of 中國為基地。

third party mobile app marketplaces and mobile news and social media content platforms. All of our suppliers are based in the PRC.The operation and development of suppliers are closely related 供應商的經?及發展與本集團的業務及表現息息
to the business and the performance of the Group. Therefore, we 相關。因此,我們在甄選供應商和持續監察及管
have strict management rules on the selection of suppliers and the 期望對其供應商的環境、社會及管治實踐承擔責
continuous monitoring and management of the suppliers. There 任。在評估新供應商時,除質量、成本、服務及
are growing expectation from stakeholders to take responsibility 信譽之外,在委聘與我們合作的供應商之前,我
for its suppliers’ ESG practices. When assessing new suppliers, we 們亦通過嚴格的評估程序考慮其業務操守、環境
go beyond quality, cost, service and reputation to consider their 保護、人權及勞工行為與表現。我們亦就上述各
business ethics, environmental protection, human rights and labour 方面對主要供應商進行年度表現審閱。我們對不
practices and performance by our strict assessment procedures 合格的供應商建立了供應商退出機制。於報告期
prior to their engagement with us. We also undertake annual 內,我們在北京及上海增聘47名新合資格供應
performance reviews on these aspects with our key suppliers. 商。

We have established a supplier exit mechanism for unqualified suppliers. During the Reporting Period, we added 47 new qualified suppliers in Beijing and Shanghai.
We were not aware that any of our key suppliers had any significant 守、環境保護、人權及勞工行為有任何重大的實
actual and potential negative impacts on business ethics,

environmental protection, human rights and labour practices, nor any non-compliance issues.
We continue to make investments on developing our research
and development capabilities to ensure that we can continuously 服務。同時,我們持續致力提供可靠的產品及服
improve our services in various industry sectors. At the same time, 務,負責任地行事及保障不同持份的利益。我
we continue to strive to provide reliable products and services, 們於二零二一年OPPO開發大會獲OPPO授予
by acting responsibly and protecting the interests of various 「攜手同行獎」,於二零二一年獲中國社科院《互
stakeholders. We were awarded the “Quality Partner Award” (攜聯網周刊》授予「二零二一年度技術創新智能服
手同行獎) at the 2021 OPPO Developers Conference by OPPO,
the “2021 Technology Innovation Intelligent Service Award” by 單,及於二零二一年榮獲中國互聯網協會第十三
the Internet Weekly of the China Academy of Social Sciences in 屆金網獎「二零二一年度技術?銷公司」。

2021 and was selected into the list of “2021 China Top 100 New Technologies” and “2021 Technology Marketing Company” by the 13th Golden Network Award of Internet Society of China in 2021.可靠的服務
Due to the nature of our business, we highly depend on the 由於我們的業務性質,我們高度依賴?運所在地
performance and reliability of the Internet infrastructure in areas 可靠度。我們的信息技術網絡採用多層式結構以
where we operate, which is maintained by telecommunications 保障我們的數據庫及伺服器能進行持續監察及系
carriers. Our information technology network is configured with 統保護。為了在數據分析各階段保障安全,所有
multiple layers to secure our databases and servers for continuous 已標記及處理的用戶數據同時儲存在我們設有防
monitoring and system protection. To protect security throughout 火牆保護的實體伺服器及由知名第三方雲端服務
the various stages of our data analytics, all user data tagged and 供應商?運的雲端儲存系統內。截至二零二一年
processed are stored on both our firewall-protected physical 十二月三十一日,我們在互聯網數據中心擁有
servers and our cloud-based storage system operated by a

prominent third party cloud service provider. As of 31 December 2021, we had 141 self-owned physical servers located in the Internet data centre.
We have set up a dedicated data security team to monitor the 安全。我們設有全體僱員均須遵守的數據安全政
information security. We have a Data Security Policy which all our 策。我們不時為全體僱員舉辦與網絡安全相關的
employees shall be complied with. We organise cyber security 培訓,以提高其警覺性及分享先進技術與經驗。

related trainings for all employees from time to time to increase their awareness and share advanced technologies and experiences.We back up user data on a daily basis in separate and various 我們每日為用戶數據進行備份,儲存在獨立及多
secured data back-up systems to minimise the risk of user
data loss or leakage. We also conduct frequent reviews of our 外洩的風險減至最少。我們亦經常覆核備份系統
back-up systems to ensure that they function properly and are 多項規則及程序,如定期系統檢查、密碼政策、
well maintained. We have also implemented a variety of protocols 伺服器登入日誌、網絡訪問認證、用戶授權審批
and procedures, such as regular system checks, password
policy, server access logging, network access authentication, 數據資產及防止未經授權登入我們的網絡。

user authorisation review and approval and data back-up, as well as data recovery test, to safeguard our data assets and prevent unauthorised access to our network.
During the Reporting Period, our systems maintained 100 per cent 於報告期內,我們的系統在服務用戶方面維持百
system reliability in serving the users. 分百的系統可靠度。

It is our responsibility to protect user data in our business and 我們有責任在業務及?運過程中保護用戶數據。

operation. We are in stringent compliance with the Network
Security Law of the PRC, and we strictly keep confidential the user 系統的安全及穩定運作。我們可以取用跟我們合
information and we take measures to safeguard the safe and stable 作的智能手機製造商持有的大量匿名用戶數據。

operation of the network system. We have accessed to an extensive 然而,我們不會向智能手機用戶收集任何可辨識
volume of anonymised user data from smartphone manufacturers 的個人資料。我們只管有匿名用戶數據作數據分
with whom we cooperate. However, we do not collect any
personally identifiable information from smartphone users. We 戶的所有個人可識別資料,如姓名、電郵地址、
only possess anonymised user data for data analytics and we 聯絡資料、身份證號碼、cookies、設備識別
would not identify any specific end user. All personally identifiable 碼、IP位址及其他網上可識別資料均已在匿名化
information of the end users, such as names, email addresses, 過程移除。同時,我們不會將任何匿名數據外發
contact information, identification numbers, cookies, device IDs, IP 給任何第三方進行分析,亦不會與任何第三方分
addresses, and other online identifiers, have been removed during 享匿名數據。與我們互動的其他業務夥伴,括
the anonymisation process. We would also not outsource any of the 供應商,均無法取得任何個人數據或匿名數據。

anonymised data to any third parties for analytics, nor do we share the anonymised data with any third parties. Other business partners with whom we interact, including marketers, mobile app developers and other suppliers of distribution channels have no access to any personal data or anonymised data.

We treat all user data and developers information as highly 我們將所有用戶數據及開發商資料高度保密。例
confidential. For example, for back-end storage of the information 如,在後端儲存移動應用程式開發商提交的資料
submitted by mobile app developers, we use various encryption 全及機密。

technologies to protect the security and confidentiality of such information.
Only authorised staff on a need to know basis are allowed to access 獲授權員工於需要的情況下方獲准取用及處理有
and process the data and access to data without authorisation 關數據,而未經授權取用數據乃被嚴禁。如要使
is strictly prohibited. The use of data requires identity verification 用數據,僱員須認證身份後才可取用數據。此
before the employees can access the data. Furthermore, we also 外,我們亦與有權取用任何上述私隱資料的僱員
enter into confidentiality agreements with our employees who have 任何機密資料,離職時須交出其持有的全部機密
access to any aforementioned privacy information. We required our 資料,並在離職後繼續履行保密責任。運作記錄
employees not to misuse any of the confidential information while 須予保存,且我們已實施災後修復及備份程序以
in office, to surrender all confidential information in possession 協助確保數據完整。

while resigning, and to retain their confidential obligations after they leave office. Operation logs are required to keep, and we have implemented disaster recovery and backup procedures to help ensure data integrity.
As part of our internal control mechanism, we also review the 製造商夥伴及其用戶之間的服務協議,以確認內
service agreements between our smartphone manufacturer
partners and their users to confirm that they contain appropriate 戶如何從智能手機製造商接收有關服務協議的過
confidentiality provisions. We also sample check the process of 程,以了解是否備有充足機制讓用戶在開始使用
how smartphone users receive such service agreements from

smartphone manufacturers to understand if adequate mechanisms have been put in place to allow users to acknowledge and accept such service agreements before starting to use the devices.
In relation to the advertising content delivered by us, we have 就我們發送的廣告內容而言,我們已根據《中華
established the Advertising Audit Protocol according to The 我們發佈的所有資料不存在虛假、欺詐、誤導成
Advertisement Law of the PRC to ensure that all information 份,並全面遵守適用法律及法規。

published by us is not false, fraudulent, misleading, and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Our customers are required to sign a service agreement with 客戶須與我們簽訂服務協議,確認其對廣告真實
us to confirm their responsibilities of the authenticity of their 性的責任。我們亦會檢討廣告商是否具備適當資
advertisements. We would also conduct review of advertisers 類、化妝品、汽車、藥物及醫療等,我們需確認
for their proper qualifications. For advertising content related to 廣告商已取得所需政府批文(括經?資格)、廣
certain types of products and services, such as alcohol, cosmetics, 告產品的質檢證明、政府對廣告內容的預先批文
automobile, pharmaceuticals and medical, we would confirm that 及向地方機關作出備案的記錄。

the advertisers have obtained requisite government approvals, including operating qualifications, proof of quality inspection for the advertised products, government pre-approval of the content of the advertisements and filings record with the local authorities.我們訂明廣告描述的規定及標準,以避免失實陳
We specify the requirements and standards of advertising
descriptions to avoid misrepresentation and exaggerated
descriptions. We would also review the advertising contents to 利、標誌、版權及商標,我們會要求廣告商提供
ensure compliance with the applicable PRC laws and regulations. 宣告其原創性的該等專利、標誌、版權及商標的
For advertisements involving presentation of patents, logo, 註冊文件,以確保適當授權及避免侵犯任何第三
copyrights and trademarks, we would request the advertisers to 方知識產權。

provide the registered documents of such patents, logo, copyrights and trademarks for declaration of originality to ensure the proper authorisation and to avoid infringement of any third-party intellectual property rights.
We have embedded an anti-cheating system to monitor fake
Internet traffic to prevent fraud that may distort the effectiveness of 詐騙情況。我們擁有一支由19人組成的專責團
our business operations and the quality of our services. We have a 隊,負責系統的日常管理。在偵測到不尋常情況
dedicated team of 19 people that is responsible for the day-to-day 時(例如廣告只有下載模式但並無曝光時間或
management of the system. Whenever an anomaly is detected
(such as the advertisement only have download pattern but no 統會向本集團報告有關事件以作進一步驗證。

exposure time or a single user switch different IP addresses during a day), the system would report the incident to the Group for further verification.
We respect and strive to protect the intellectual property rights. 我們尊重及致力保護知識產權。各僱員必須簽訂
Each of our employee must enter into a confidentiality agreement 商業機密、發展及其他程序均屬本公司財產,並
acknowledging that all inventions, trade secrets, developments 向我們轉移其於有關工作中可能聲稱的任何所有
and other processes generated by them on our behalf are our 權。在廣告發佈前,我們就使用標誌及名稱取得
property and assigning to us any ownership rights that they may ?銷商批准。倘若發現分銷渠道出現任何侵犯知
claim in those works. We obtain marketers approval on the use of 識產權的不合規情況,我們會立即移除具爭議的
logos and names before the advertisement distribution. In case 內容。

of any non-compliance of intellectual property rights found in our distribution channel, we would remove the disputed content immediately.
As at 31 December 2021, we held 78 software copyrights registered 向中國國家版權局註冊的軟件版權及90項已向中
with the State Copyright Bureau of China and 90 trademarks in 國商標局註冊的各類商標。

various categories and registered with the China Trademark Office.During the Reporting Period, we did not have any material disputes 於報告期內,我們並無任何與第三方有關的知識

or any other pending legal proceedings of intellectual property rights with third parties.
Our customers include marketers seeking mobile advertising, 我們的客戶括尋求移動廣告、網上視頻發佈及
online-video distribution and game co-publishing services. We have 解決投訴的機制。客服部門有指定團隊處理投訴
established a mechanism for handling and resolving complaints. 案件。

There is a designated team in the customer service department to handle compliant cases.
A standardised complaint handling procedures are formulated, 訴請求,將投訴報告提交相關部門進行進一步調
that requested the team to record the complaint requests, report 查,將調查結果通知投訴人,並為投訴人提供滿
the complaints to relevant departments for further investigations, 意的解決方案。所有投訴均會予以記錄在案及跟
notify the complainant the investigation results and provide the 進,以於日後改進。

complainant a satisfactory solution. All the complaints would be recorded and followed up for future improvements.
During the Reporting Period, we did not receive any complaints 於報告期內,我們不曾收到任何可能對本集團造

which could have a significant impact on the Group.
We are committed to a high standard of business ethics and
integrity across our operations. We strictly comply with the Criminal 法》、《中華人民共和國刑事訴訟法》、《中華人民
Law of the PRC, the Criminal Procedure Law of the PRC, the
Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the PRC, the Supervision Law of 法》以及其他法律及法規。為規範僱員行為,我
the PRC and other relevant laws and regulations. To govern the 們已採納內部反賄賂及反貪腐政策,向所有僱員
conduct of our employees, we have adopted an internal anti-bribery 及供應商╱潛在供應商清晰表達對欺詐行為零容
and anti-corruption policies, which clearly conveys the message of 忍的訊息,並在該等政策中識別若干嚴禁行為,
zero tolerance in relation to fraudulent activity to all the employees 其中括禁止接受賄賂或回佣、侵佔或挪用本公
and suppliers/potential suppliers and have identified certain 司資產,以及虛假或篡改會計記錄。我們已開發
forbidden conducts in these policies, including, among others, 一個監察系統以實施反賄賂及反貪腐措施,從而
the prohibition to acceptance of bribes or rebates, embezzlement 確保我們的僱員遵守政策。我們亦每年進行一次
or misappropriation of our assets, and forgery or alteration of our 欺詐及賄賂風險評估,並由我們的審核委員會審

accounting records. We have developed a monitoring system
to implement anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures so as to ensure that our employees comply with our policies. We also conduct a fraud and bribery risk assessment on an annual basis and our audit committee reviews and approves our annual risk assessment results and policies.
Our whistleblowing policy encourages all our stakeholders, including 我們的舉報政策鼓勵所有持份(括僱員及供
employees and suppliers, to report genuine concerns about any 關切。舉報政策概述以電話及電郵方式作出舉報
actual or suspected fraudulent activities. The whistleblowing policy 的渠道,且我們會確保提供資料及舉報人在協
outlines the whistleblowing channels by phone and e-mail and 助調查時獲得保護。我們亦定期審查舉報政策以
we will ensure that informants and whistle-blowers are protected 確保其有效。

when assisting in the investigation. We also regularly review the whistleblowing policy to ensure they are effective.
In order to reinforce a culture of integrity and compliance among 為了加強我們僱員的誠信及合規文化,於二零二
our employees, in 2021, we organised an anti-corruption training to 比67%)舉辦反腐培訓,以更新彼等對合規責任
all our directors and 89 employees (representing 67% of our total 的了解,並加強彼等的反賄賂及反貪腐意識。

employees) to refresh their understanding of compliance obligations and strengthen their anti-bribery and anti-corruption awareness.於報告期內,並無不合規情況且我們並無接獲任
During the Reporting Period, there were no cases of non-compliance 何貪腐報告。

and we did not receive any reports on corruption.
We recognise the importance of environmental protection and 續關注我們的業務?運對環境的影。我們不斷
resources conservation and continuously pay attention to the 努力發展更具可持續性的業務及應對氣候變化。

impact on the environment resulting from our business operations. 我們已實施多項節約能源措施,以減少溫室氣體
We have made continuous effort to develop a more sustainable (「溫室氣體」)排放。對環境的考慮是我們的主要
business and address the threat of climate change. We have
implemented a number of energy-saving measures in an effort 們積極提倡綠色節能環保概念,並根據中國的相
to lower the greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions. Environmental 關法律法規和行業政策開展業務。

considerations are one of our key priorities. As a leading internet company in the industry, we actively promote green energy-saving and environmentally friendly concepts, and conduct our business in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and industrial policies of the PRC.
The majority of GHG emissions of the Group are indirectly

generated from electricity consumed at our workplace. Although 儘管本集團對環境的影不大,且並不涉及製造
the Group has immaterial impact on the environment and does not 室措施,並致力於在日常?運過程中盡量減少能
involve in the production of products and the use of packaging 源消耗及產生排放。

materials, we aim to promote measures of green office, and
endeavours to minimise the consumption of energy resources and production of emissions in its daily operations.
During the Reporting Period, the Group was not aware of any 於報告期內,本集團並無發現任何不合規情況,
non-compliance with the Environmental Protection Law of the PRC 違反《中華人民共和國環境保護法》、《中華人民
and the law of the PRC on Prevention and Control of Atmospheric 排放、向水及土地的排污,以及產生有害及無害
Pollution and other relevant standards, rules and regulations that 廢棄物的其他相關標準、規則及規例,因而對本
have a significant impact on the Group relating to air and GHG 集團造成重大影。

emissions, discharges into water and land, and generation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
Our business operations could be significantly affected by climate 我們的業務?運可能受到氣候變化的重大影。

change. In order to protect the long-term stable operation of the 的實體及轉型風險所影,我們定期主動識別及
Group from climate change-related physical and transition risks, we 審查風險,並優先安排資源,以降低及管理我們
actively identify and review risks regularly and prioritise resources ?運及業務面臨的任何緊急與重大風險。

to mitigate and manage any emergent and significant risks for our operations and businesses.
Risks Description
風險 描述
Transition Risks
Policy and Legal Risks Given the increasing focus on the climate change in recent years, there may have
potential introduction of climate-related policies and regulatory changes implement by governments and regulators. The Group may be subject to legal liability, disciplinary punishment or loss of business reputation due to non-compliance with climate-related policies or laws.
政策與法律風險 鑒於近年來政府及監管機構對氣候變化的日益關注,彼等可能會引入與氣候有關的政策並引監管上的變化。本集團可能因不遵守氣候相關政策或法律而須承擔法律責任、受到紀律處分或蒙受商業聲譽損失。

’ ’
Market Risks Customers and potential investors appetite for sustainable products or services have increased. We may fail to provide a sufficient disclosure for sustainable products or services and lose our customers and potential investors.
市場風險 客戶及潛在投資對可持續產品或服務的需求有所增加。我們可能未能對可持續產品或服務作出充分披露,從而錯失我們的客戶及潛在投資。

Reputational Risks We may fail to effectively control or reduce the carbon emissions generated from our
operations, provide low-carbon services and align our business model with the low-’
carbon transition of our society. The failure may damage the Company s reputation.聲譽風險 我們可能無法有效地控制或減少我們?運所產生的碳排放、提供低碳服務或使我們的商業模式與社會的低碳轉型保持一致,因此可能會損害本公司的聲譽。

Risks Description
風險 描述
Physical Risks
Acute Risk The extreme weather events caused by climate change, such as frequent typhoons and flooding, that can possibly result in physical damage to facilities or operational disruptions, resulting in higher maintenance costs and insurance premiums.急性實體風險 由氣候變化引的頻繁的颱風及洪水等極端天氣事件,可能導致設施實物損壞或?運中斷,從而產生更高的維護成本及保險費。

Chronic Risk The increase in temperature may lead to higher electricity consumption and operating cost for cooling system in the data centres and our offices.長期實體風險 氣溫上升可能會導致數據中心及我們辦公室的冷卻系統的用電量及運?成本增加。

When climate change imposes different risks to our Group as 當氣候變化給本集團帶來上述不同風險時,倘我
above, there are also opportunities for our operations if we can take 運提供機會。

the right approach in addressing the issues.
Opportunity Description
機遇 描述
Energy Efficiency By improving the energy efficiency and water use at our offices and data centres, the
operational costs for energy consumption would be reduced.
能源效率 透過提高我們辦公室及數據中心的能源效率及用水效能,能源消耗的運?成本將會降低。

Products and services The increasing momentum to address climate change accelerate investment in technological innovations, which enable us to take advantage of the new business model from the development of low carbon services.
產品及服務 應對氣候變化的勢頭日益增強,加速對技術創新的投資,從而使我們能夠利用低碳服務發展的全新商業模式。

During the reporting period, we formulated a series of sustainability 誠如下文所載,我們於報告期內制定一系列可持
targets to facilitate the monitoring and improvement of environmental 我們為實現該等可持續發展目標所採取步驟的更
performance as set out below. Further details on the steps we have 多詳情,請參閱本報告相關各節。

taken to achieve these sustainability targets can be found in the relevant sections in this Report.
Category Objective 2025 Targets as Progress Updates
compared with
2020 baseline
類別 目標 二零二五年目標 最新進展
Carbon Emissions Reduction of GHG 10% The interim target for 2021 emissions per floor area has been achieved.
碳排放 減少單位建築面積溫室氣體 二零二一年中期目標已達成。

Resource Consumption Reduction of water 10% This target is formulated in consumption per 2021.
RMB100,000 revenue
資源消耗 減少每人民幣100,000元 該目標於二零二一年制定。

Reduction of use of paper 10% The interim target for 2021
per RMB100,000 revenue has been achieved.
減少每人民幣100,000元 二零二一年中期目標已達成。

The accelerating GHG emissions is inherently linked with the climate-related catastrophic consequences that are happening 性後果有著內在的聯繫。因此,為緩減不斷提高
across the world. Thus, to alleviate the rising level of GHG, we have 的溫室氣體水平,我們已採取措施,目的在於減
taken measures that aims to reduce the energy consumption and 少能源耗量及碳排放量。我們的環保措施括:
carbon emission. Our environmental protection measures included:°
– to keep the office room temperature at 26 C; - 保持辦公室溫度在攝氏26度;– to turn off all lighting and air conditioners when not in use;- 所有照明和空調不使用時會關閉;
– to encourage the use of public transport; and
- 鼓勵使用公共交通工具;及
– to encourage video conferences in replacement of business - 鼓勵以視像會議代替公幹。

In 2021, we target to reduce our GHG emissions per floor area 於二零二一年,我們的目標是我們的二零二一年
in 2021 by 10% compared with 2020. The target for 2021 has 單位建築面積溫室氣體排放量較二零二零年減少
been achieved. We will continue to explore suitable and practical 10%。二零二一年的目標已經實現。我們將繼續
opportunities to incorporate renewable energy and other
Our major impact on the environment and natural resources is the 所消耗的資源,詳情載於下文及關鍵績效指標一
emissions and resources consumed in our operations, which is 節。

illustrated as below and in the Key Performance Indicators section.用水
In view of principal business activities of the Group, we do not 鑑於本集團的主要業務活動性質,本集團不會耗
consume significant amounts of water. We mainly operate in office 就經?並無遭遇有關求取水源的任何問題。儘管
premises and we did not encounter any problems in sourcing water 用水視為極少,我們訂有節約用水政策,如定期
for our operations. Although water consumption is considered as 檢查辦公室是否漏水並使用自動水龍頭。我們亦
minimal, we have policies to save water such as regular checking 在工作場所提倡改變行為以節約用水。於二零二
for any water leakage in offices and the use of automatic water 一年,我們制定了與用水相關的二零二五年可持
tapping. We also encourage saving water by driving behavioural 續發展目標。

changes in the workplace. In 2021, we formulated the 2025
sustainability target in relation to the use of water.
The Group continued to encourage a paperless working
environment. We implemented the following policies that aim to greatly reducing paper consumption:
– using the office printing machines to regularly collect and - 使用辦公打印機定期收集及評估無紙化環
assess the efficiency of the paperless environment; 境的效率;– implementing electronic office systems for filing and reporting - 實施電子辦公系統進行歸檔及報告,以取
to replace paper documentation;
- 重複使用紙製品,如公文袋、信封等作內
– reusing paper products, such as manila envelopes and
envelopes for internal document transfers; and
– encouraging our staff to use double-sided printing and - 鼓勵員工使用雙面印刷及再生紙以節省紙張。

recycled paper to save paper.
In 2021, we aim to further reduce our paper consumption by 於二零二一年,我們旨在進一步減少10%的紙張
10%. The interim target for 2021 has been achieved. We started 始尋求二零二五年的可持續發展目標,並在該等
pursuing the 2025 sustainability target and the reduction of paper 目標中明確了減少紙張消耗。我們在減少紙張消
consumption has been formulated in the target. We made steady 耗及提高回收利用率方面取得穩步進展,且我們
progress towards reducing the paper consumption and to increase 將於二零二二年改善該等倡議的進展情況。

the recycling rate and we will improve the progress on these initiatives in 2022.
Our approach to waste management consists of 4Rs: reduce, 我們的廢棄物管理方式由4R步驟組成:即減少、
reuse, recycling and replace which aims to implement proper waste 處置廢棄物。我們設有回收箱以推動回收碳粉
treatment and waste disposal. We have set up recycling boxes to 盒、墨盒及紙張。

promote the recycling of used toner, ink cartridges and paper.The major types of non-hazardous waste are general office waste, 非有害廢棄物的主要類型為一般辦公廢棄物,由
which are collected and managed by the professional cleaning 專業清潔服務提供商收集及管理。我們產生括
service providers. We produced limited hazardous waste, such as 物,由認可專門承商管理。本集團的辦公室產
electrical equipment and florescent tubes, which are managed by 生少量生活廢水。所有廢水已連接至市政污水管

approved specialist contractors. The Group s office generates a 道網絡以進入城市污水處理廠,並根據規定標準
small amount of domestic wastewater. All the wastewater has been 排放。

connected to the municipal sewage pipeline network and entered the urban sewage treatment plant, which is discharged according to the required standards.
We endeavour to build a better community where we operate and 我們致力於將我們經?所在的社區建立得更 seek various ways to give back to the society. We place great 加美好,並尋求各種方式回饋社會。我們非 emphasis on cultivating social responsibility awareness among our 常重視培養員工的社會責任意識,鼓勵彼等 staff and encouraging them to better serve our community. 更好地為社會服務。 During the Reporting Period, we acknowledge the influence of 於報告期內,我們承認COVID-19爆發對 COVID-19 outbreak to the community health and wellness. For 社區健康的影。為支持COVID-19疫情 supporting the prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic, 的防控工作,我們的僱員主動參與協助 our employees took the initiative to participate in volunteer work COVID-19核酸檢測的志願工作以抗擊疫 for assisting the COVID-19 nucleic acid test to fight against the 情。 pandemic. The Group will continue to seek opportunities to serve the 本集團將繼續尋求機會,透過更廣泛的渠道 community through a wider range of channels. 服務社會。WORKFORCE 員工
Year 2021 2020 2019
年度 二零二一年 二零二零年 二零一九年
By gender
Male 72 109 114
Female 73 110 122
By age group
Below 30 59 126 125
31 to 40 72 79 92
41 to 50 13 13 17
Over 50 1 1 2
By employee category
Senior management Male 14 17 28
高級管理層 男性
Female 12 14 19
Middle management Male 6 14 32
中級管理層 男性
Female 10 20 36
General staff Male 52 76 53
普通員工 男性
Female 50 76 65
Contract and temporary staff Male 0 2 1
合約及臨時員工 男性
Female 1 0 2
Year 2021 2020 2019
年度 二零二一年 二零二零年 二零一九年
By gender
Male 33 69 113
Female 41 73 91
By age group
Below 30 37 78 152
31 to 40 35 57 45
41 to 50 2 6 7
Over 50 0 1 0
By employee category
Senior management Male 4 23 14
高級管理層 男性
Female 2 9 6
Middle management Male 5 20 24
中級管理層 男性
Female 7 19 11
General staff Male 24 26 71
普通員工 男性
Female 32 44 70
Contract and temporary staff Male 0 0 4
合約及臨時員工 男性
Female 0 1 4
Year 2021 2020 2019
年度 二零二一年 二零二零年 二零一九年
Number of reportable injuries 0 0 0
Number of lost days due to work injury 0 0 0
Year 2021 2020 2019
年度 二零二一年 二零二零年 二零一九年
Number (percentage) of employees trained by gender
男性 60 (83.3%) 80 (73.3%) 89 (78.1%)
女性 73 (100.0%) 91 (82.7%) 109 (89.3%)
Average hours of training by employee category
Senior management Male 66 19 28
高級管理層 男性
Female 60 18 29
Middle management Male 20 22 13
中級管理層 男性
Female 34 18 18
General staff Male 7 26 16
普通員工 男性
Female 6 23 10
Contract and temporary staff Male 0 0 11
合約及臨時員工 男性
Female 0 0 12
Year 2021 2020
年度 二零二一年 二零二零年
Number and % of employee received anti-corruption training by employee category (note)按僱員類別劃分的接受反貪腐培訓的僱員人數及百分比(附註)
Director 8 100% 8 100%
Senior management 18 100% 4 17%
Middle management 5 31% 11 100%
General staff 66 64% 107 75%
Note: Relevant figures have been disclosed from 2020 onwards.附註: 相關數字自二零二零年已披露。

Year 2021 2020 2019
年度 二零二一年 二零二零年 二零一九年
Total Electricity consumption kWh 57,071 80,803 91,785
總耗電量 千瓦時
Electricity consumed per floor area kWh/m 25.3 35.8 35.0
每建築面積單位耗電量 每平方米千瓦時

Total paper consumption kg 2,773 2,930 3,354
總耗紙量 千克
Total paper collected for recycling kg 584 606 676
紙張收集供循環再生總量 千克
Net use of paper per revenue (RMB100,000) kg/RMB100,000 0.104 0.135 0.112revenue
每收益(人民幣100,000元)淨用紙量 千克╱人民幣

Total water consumption (note) m 1,934 1,795 1,832
總耗水量(附註) 立方米
3 2
Water consumed per floor area m /m 0.9 0.8 0.7
每建築面積單位耗水量 立方米╱平方米
Water Consumed per revenue (RMB100,000) m /RMB100,000 0.092 0.104 0.076revenue
每收益耗水量(人民幣100,000元) 立方米╱人民幣
Non-hazardous waste
Waste disposed to landfill for general office waste tonnes 1.7 1.8 2.0運往一般辦公室廢棄物堆填區處置的廢棄物 噸
Hazardous waste
Waste batteries kg 4.20 9.72 1.36
廢電池 千克
Fluorescent tubes piece 25 75 –
日光燈管 件
Note: The amount of water consumed represents the amount of water 附註: 耗水量指根據接獲水費單所示的耗水量。

consumed according to the water bills received.
Year 2021 2020 2019
年度 二零二一年 二零二零年 二零一九年
Scope 1 Direct emissions (note 1) tonnes 0 0.3 1.6
範圍1直接排放(附註1) 噸
Scope 2 Energy indirect emissions (note 2) tonnes 53.8 83.2 85.3範圍2能源間接排放(附註2) 噸
Scope 3 Other indirect emissions (note 3) tonnes 13.8 14.2 15.4範圍3其他間接排放(附註3) 噸
Total emissions (Scope 1,2 and 3) tonnes 67.6 97.7 102.3
總排放(範圍1、2及3) 噸
Total emissions (Scope 1,2 and 3) per floor area tonnes/m 0.03 0.04 0.04每建築面積單位總排放(範圍1、2及3) 每平方米噸
Notes: 附註:
1. The data covers emissions from combustion of fuels in mobile sources 1. 數據涵蓋來自本集團所控制移動源燃料燃燒
controlled by the Group. The emission factors are adopted from “How 產生的排放。排放系數採用香交易及結算
to prepare an ESG Report – Appendix 2: Reporting Guidance on 所有限公司刊發的「如何編備環境、社會及
Environmental KPIs” published by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing 管治報告-附錄二:環境關鍵績效指標匯報
Limited. 指引」。

2. The data covers emissions resulting from the generation of the electricity 2. 數據涵蓋本集團所購電力發電產生的排放。

which the Group purchased. The emission factors during the Reporting 於報告期內排放系數採用中華人民共和國生
Period are adopted from “2019 Baseline Emission Factors for Regional 態環境部刊發的《二零一九年度減排項目中
Power Grids in China for CDM and CCER Projects” issued by the 國區域電網基準線排放因子》。

Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the PRC (中華人民共和國生態環境部刊發的《二零一九年度減排項目中國區域電網基準線排放因子》).3. The data covers emissions from paper consumption and use of fresh 3. 數據涵蓋來自紙張消耗及用水產生的排放以
water and sewage discharge. 及污水排放。

Subject Area, Aspects, General Disclosures and KPIs Disclosures or Remarks主要範疇、層面、一般披露及關鍵績效指標 披露或備註
A. Environmental
A. 環境
Aspect A1: Emissions
General Disclosure Information on: Environment
一般披露 環境
(a) the policies; and
(b) compliance with relevant laws and regulations that
have a significant impact on the issuer
relating to air and greenhouse gas emissions, discharges
into water and land, and generation of hazardous and non-
hazardous waste
(a) 政策;及
(b) 遵守對發行人有重大影的相關法律及規例的資料
KPI A1.1 The types of emissions and respective emission data Key Performance Indicators關鍵績效指標A1.1 排放物種類及相關排放數據 關鍵績效指標
KPI A1.2 Direct (Scope 1) and energy indirect (Scope 2) greenhouse Key Performance Indicators關鍵績效指標A1.2 gas emissions in total (in tonnes) and, where appropriate, 關鍵績效指標intensity (e.g. per unit of production volume, per facility)直接(範圍1)及能源間接(範圍2)溫室氣體總排放量(以噸計
KPI A1.3 Total hazardous waste produced (in tonnes) and, where Key Performance Indicators關鍵績效指標A1.3 appropriate, intensity (e.g. per unit of production volume, 關鍵績效指標per facility)
KPI A1.4 Total non-hazardous waste produced (in tonnes) and, Key Performance Indicators關鍵績效指標A1.4 where appropriate, intensity (e.g. per unit of production 關鍵績效指標volume, per facility)
KPI A1.5 Description of emission target(s) set and steps taken to Energy Saving Measures關鍵績效指標A1.5 achieve them 能源節約措施
KPI A1.6 Description of how hazardous and non-hazardous wastes General Waste and Hazard 關鍵績效指標A1.6 are handled and reduction target(s) set and steps taken to Wasteachieve them 普通廢棄物及有害廢棄物
Subject Area, Aspects, General Disclosures and KPIs Disclosures or Remarks主要範疇、層面、一般披露及關鍵績效指標 披露或備註
Aspect A2: Use of Resources
General Disclosure Policies on the efficient use of resources, including energy, Energy Saving Measures
一般披露 water and other raw materials 能源節約措施
Use of Water
Use of Paper
KPI A2.1 Direct and/or indirect energy consumption by type (e.g. Key Performance Indicators關鍵績效指標A2.1 electricity, gas or oil) in total (kWh in ’000s) and intensity 關鍵績效指標(e.g. per unit of production volume, per facility)
KPI A2.2 Water consumption in total and intensity (e.g. per unit of Key Performance Indicators關鍵績效指標A2.2 production volume, per facility) 關鍵績效指標總耗水量及密度(如以每單位產量、每項設施計算)
KPI A2.3 Description of energy use efficiency target(s) set and steps Energy Saving Measures關鍵績效指標A2.3 taken to achieve them 能源節約措施
KPI A2.4 Description of whether there is any issue in sourcing water Use of Water關鍵績效指標A2.4 that is fit for purpose, water efficiency target(s) set and 用水steps taken to achieve them
KPI A2.5 Total packaging material used for finished products Not applicable to the Group’s 關鍵績效指標A2.5 (in tonnes) and, if applicable, with reference to per unit business that does not require
produced packaging materials
製成品所用裝材料的總量(以噸計算)及(如適用)每生產單 不適用於無需裝材料的本集團位佔量 業務
Subject Area, Aspects, General Disclosures and KPIs Disclosures or Remarks主要範疇、層面、一般披露及關鍵績效指標 披露或備註
Aspect A3: The Environment and Natural Resources
General disclosure Policies on minimising the issuer’s significant impact on Energy Saving Measures
一般披露 the environment and natural resources 能源節約措施
KPI A3.1 Description of the significant impacts of activities on the Energy Saving Measures關鍵績效指標A3.1 environment and natural resources and the actions taken 能源節約措施to manage them
Aspect A4: Climate Change
General disclosure Policies on identification and mitigation of significant Climate Change一般披露 climate-related issues which have impacted, and those 氣候變化which may impact, the issuer
KPI A4.1 Description of the significant climate-related issues which Climate Change關鍵績效指標A4.1 have impacted, and those which may impact, the issuer, 氣候變化and the actions taken to manage them
描述已經及可能會對發行人產生影的重大氣候相關事宜及 Energy Saving Measures已採取管理有關影的行動 能源節約措施
Subject Area, Aspects, General Disclosures and KPIs Disclosures or Remarks主要範疇、層面、一般披露及關鍵績效指標 披露或備註
B. Social
B. 社會
Aspect B1: Employment
General Disclosure Information on: Our People
一般披露 我們的員工
(a) the policies; and
(b) compliance with relevant laws and regulations that
have a significant impact on the issuer
relating to compensation and dismissal, recruitment and
promotion, working hours, rest periods, equal opportunity,
diversity, anti-discrimination, and other benefits and
(a) 政策;及
(b) 遵守對發行人有重大影的相關法律及規例的資料
KPI B1.1 Total workforce by gender, employment type such as full- Our People關鍵績效指標B1.1 time and part-time, age group and geographical region 我們的員工按性別、僱傭類型(如全職及兼職)、年齡組別及地區劃分的
僱員總數 Key Performance Indicators
KPI B1.2 Employee turnover rate by gender, age group and Our People關鍵績效指標B1.2 geographical region 我們的員工
Key Performance Indicators
Subject Area, Aspects, General Disclosures and KPIs Disclosures or Remarks主要範疇、層面、一般披露及關鍵績效指標 披露或備註
Aspect B2: Health and Safety
General Disclosure Information on: Health and Safety
一般披露 健康與安全
(a) the policies; and
(b) compliance with relevant laws and regulations that
have a significant impact on the issuer
relating to providing a safe working environment and
protecting employees from occupational hazards
(a) 政策;及
(b) 遵守對發行人有重大影的相關法律及規例的資料
KPI B2.1 Number and rate of work-related fatalities in each of the Key Performance Indicators關鍵績效指標B2.1 past three years (including reporting year) 關鍵績效指標過去三年(括報告年度)每年因工作關係而死亡的人數及比

KPI B2.2 Lost days due to work injury Key Performance Indicators關鍵績效指標B2.2 因工傷損失工作日數 關鍵績效指標
KPI B2.3 Description of occupational health and safety measures Health and Safety關鍵績效指標B2.3 adopted, how they are implemented and monitored 健康與安全描述所採納的職業健康與安全措施,以及相關執行及監察方

Aspect B3: Development and Training

General Disclosure Policies on improving employees knowledge and skills for Employee Training and 一般披露 discharging duties at work. Description of training activities Development有關提升僱員履行工作職責的知識及技能的政策。描述培訓 僱員培訓及發展活動
KPI B3.1 The percentage of employees trained by gender and Key Performance Indicators關鍵績效指標B3.1 employee category 關鍵績效指標
KPI B3.2 The average training hours completed per employee by Key Performance Indicators關鍵績效指標B3.2 gender and employee category 關鍵績效指標
Subject Area, Aspects, General Disclosures and KPIs Disclosures or Remarks主要範疇、層面、一般披露及關鍵績效指標 披露或備註
Aspect B4: Labour Standards
General Disclosure Information on: Our People
一般披露 我們的員工
(a) the policies; and
(b) compliance with relevant laws and regulations that
have a significant impact on the issuer
relating to preventing child and forced labour
(a) 政策;及
(b) 遵守對發行人有重大影的相關法律及規例的資料
KPI B4.1 Description of measures to review employment practices Our People關鍵績效指標B4.1 to avoid child and forced labour 我們的員工描述檢討招聘慣例以避免童工及強制勞工的措施
KPI B4.2 Description of steps taken to eliminate such practices Our People關鍵績效指標B4.2 when discovered 我們的員工
Operating Practices
Aspect B5: Supply Chain Management
General Disclosure Policies on managing environmental and social risks of the Supply Chain Management
一般披露 supply chain 供應鏈管理
KPI B5.1 Number of suppliers by geographical region Supply Chain Management關鍵績效指標B5.1 按地區劃分的供應商數目 供應鏈管理
KPI B5.2 Description of practices relating to engaging suppliers, Supply Chain Management關鍵績效指標B5.2 number of suppliers where the practices are being 供應鏈管理implemented, how they are implemented and monitored
KPI B5.3 Description of practices used to identify environmental Supply Chain Management關鍵績效指標B5.3 and social risks along the supply chain, and how they are 供應鏈管理implemented and monitored
KPI B5.4 Description of practices used to promote environmentally Supply Chain Management關鍵績效指標B5.4 preferable products and services when selecting suppliers, 供應鏈管理and how they are implemented and monitored
Subject Area, Aspects, General Disclosures and KPIs Disclosures or Remarks主要範疇、層面、一般披露及關鍵績效指標 披露或備註
Aspect B6: Product Responsibility
General Disclosure Information on: Services
一般披露 服務
(a) the policies; and
(b) compliance with relevant laws and regulations that
have a significant impact on the issuer
relating to health and safety, advertising, labelling and
privacy matters relating to products and services provided
and methods of redress
(a) 政策;及
(b) 遵守對發行人有重大影的相關法律及規例的資料
KPI B6.1 Percentage of total products sold or shipped subject to Services關鍵績效指標B6.1 recalls for safety and health reasons 服務

KPI B6.2 Number of products and service related complaints Services關鍵績效指標B6.2 received and how they are dealt with 服務
KPI B6.3 Description of practices relating to observing and Services關鍵績效指標B6.3 protecting intellectual property rights 服務描述與維護及保障知識產權有關的慣例
KPI B6.4 Description of quality assurance process and recall Services關鍵績效指標B6.4 procedures 服務
KPI B6.5 Description of consumer data protection and privacy Services關鍵績效指標B6.5 policies, how they are implemented and monitored 服務描述消費資料保障及私隱政策,以及相關執行及監察方法
Subject Area, Aspects, General Disclosures and KPIs Disclosures or Remarks主要範疇、層面、一般披露及關鍵績效指標 披露或備註
Aspect B7: Anti-corruption
General Disclosure Information on: Anti-Corruption
一般披露 反貪腐
(a) the policies; and
(b) compliance with relevant laws and regulations that
have a significant impact on the issuer
relating to bribery, extortion, fraud and money laundering
(a) 政策;及
(b) 遵守對發行人有重大影的相關法律及規例的資料
KPI B7.1 Number of concluded legal cases regarding corrupt Anti-Corruption關鍵績效指標B7.1 practices brought against the issuer or its employees 反貪腐during the reporting period and the outcomes of the cases
KPI B7.2 Description of preventive measures and whistle-blowing Anti-Corruption關鍵績效指標B7.2 procedures, how they are implemented and monitored 反貪腐描述防範措施及舉報程序,以及相關執行及監察方法
KPI B7.3 Description of anti-corruption training provided to Anti-Corruption關鍵績效指標B7.3 Directors and employees 反貪腐
Aspect B8: Community Investment
General Disclosure Policies on community engagement to understand the Community一般披露 needs of the communities where the issuer operates 社區and to ensure its activities take into consideration the
communities’ interests
KPI B8.1 Focus areas of contribution (e.g. education, environmental The Group does not have focus 關鍵績效指標B8.1 concerns, labour needs, health, culture, sport) areas of contribution專注貢獻範疇(如教育、環境問題、勞動力需求、健康、文 本集團並無專注貢獻範疇化、體育)
KPI B8.2 Resources contributed (e.g. money or time) to the focus Community關鍵績效指標B8.2 area 社區